Sunday, 8 July 2012

Anomaly - Anomaly 2000

Format: wv + cue + log
Genre: Metal/Instrumental/Progressive/Fusion
Original Release Date: 2000
Label: Bee & Bee Records

Review by erik neuteboom Anomaly was a very promising Dutch progrock band with members who all had a different musical background, this led to an exciting chemistry! Unfortunately their record company run out of money, soon they disbanded. 1. B-YOND 2K (5:34): This an alternating piece with fine breaks, metal-guitar riffs and propulsive drums, orchestral keyboards and Holdsworth-like guitar runs. 2. >4TH&X (4:06): A very exciting tension between the propulsive metal-guitar riffs, classical keyboards and jazzy, Holdsworth inspired guitar work. It sounds very dynamic....

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Damian Gore said...

¡Qué mierda!

Suban el puto álbum original...