Sunday, 18 December 2011

Sixun - Pygmees 1987

Format: flac + cue + log
Genre: Jazz, Jazz-Funk
Original Release Date: 1987
Label: Open

MJBrady Published on: 24 Feb 2002
On Pygmees, We are hearing the definitive sound of this French fusion bands personality. They are a highly talented band that plays fusion in the Weather Report style, with a much more funky edge to the backbeat. Imagine if Jaco Pastorius, Miroslav Vituous or Alphonso Johnson(all Weather Report bassists at one time or another), were to have been replaced by the likes of Alain Caron, Louis Johnson, or some other super funky bassist. That is what the vibe is like, very uptempo music with sax, key, and guitar doing tight chart section melodies, and a killer rhythm section that just won't quit. The musicianship is as good as it gets, and though the music has the funk factor, the Zawinul influence is present in the way the band is utilizing chord developement, and of course the dissharmonic sax really captures the style of Wayne Shorter to a tee at at times. Sixun also explores the more ambiant side of fusion with some world music songs, though this is not representing the majority of music, these are only side dishes for the energetic stuff. Sixun is music that is best played loud, with the bass on high, it can even motivate you to get things done while listening. If you have a liking for funky, jazz heavy, fusion, with a big influence from Weather Report, this is highly recommended....

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