Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Jorn - Starfire (2000)

Format: flac + cue + log
Genre: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal
Release Date: 2000
Label: Frontiers

The 2000 release Starfire is the debut solo offering from journeyman vocalist Jшrn Lande (ex-Vagabond, the Snakes, Millenium, Ark, Masterplan, Mundanus Imperium, Beyond Twilight, and a few others I've no doubt missed). For those of you unfamiliar with Jшrn, his vocal style is very (scratch that, VERY) reminiscent of David Coverdale with elements of Ronnie James Dio. Jшrn has become one of melodic rock and metal's best vocalists through both his session work as well as his solo career....

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