Saturday, 30 April 2011

Bakerloo - Bakerloo 1969 [1993]

Format: flac + cue + log
Genre: jazz/blues-rock
Release Date: 1969
Label: Repertoire Records

The British trio BAKERLOO known in wider circles in the first place as the leading specialists for many of the more famous colleagues on stage. At various times, team members were part of groups such as URIAH HEEP, MAY BLITZ, COLOSSEUM, HUMBLE PIE, GRAHAM BOND & HOLY MAGICK and many others. But the first chapter of the musical career of three outstanding musicians, perhaps, remained the most interesting and exciting, though considerably less successful.....

Spyro Gyra - Morning Dance 1979 [MCA 1985]

Format: flac + cue + log
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Release Date: 1979
Label: MCA Records

This was it...THE Smooth Jazz ablum.

Before Kenny G, before Richard Elliot, before many of the others, this album defined the Smooth Jazz sound, and it's as fresh a sound today as it was when it first came out........

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Richie Kotzen - Richie Kotzen 1989

Format: ape + cue + log
Genre: Instrumental rock
Release Date: 1989
Label: Shrapnel

By the time of Richie Kotzen's debut album in 1989, Mike Varney's Shrapnel label was cranking out young guitar virtuosos like an assembly line; it seemed like each week, a fresh-faced teenaged prodigy would emerge from the Shrapnel stable with a self-titled debut, backed up by an all-star rhythm section. Pennsylvania's Richie Kotzen was one of these....

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Bela Fleck and the Flecktones - Bela Fleck and the Flecktones (1990)

Format: flac + cue + log
Genre: Jazz, jazz fusion
Release Date: 1990
Label: Warner Bros

After disbanding New Grass Revival, Bela Fleck began re-creating the role of the banjo in the same way Charlie Parker redefined the role of the saxophone. But Fleck may be the least-innovative member of this quartet: Howard Levy gets chromatics from his blues harp, Victor Wooten .....

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Epica - Feint 2004 (2MCD)

Format: ape + cue + log
Genre: Gothic/Sympho Metal
Release Date: 2004
Label: Transmissi

FEINT is a four-track EP by Epica. The release contains previously unavailable and alternate versions of already released songs.

Double single taken from the goth-metal band's 2003 debut album 'Phantom Agony', features eight tracks on two CDs. Disc one features the title track, 'Feint', b/w 'Leif Al Din', & two non-LP tracks, 'Feint' (unreleased piano version) & 'Triumph Of Defeat' (unreleased instrumental track)........

Fragile - Fragile 1996

Format: flac + cue + log
Genre: J-Fusion
Release Date: 1996
Label: SubConscious

Saturday, 9 April 2011

MVP - Centrifugal Funk (1991)

Format: flac + cue + log
Genre: Fusion
Release Date: 1991
Label: Tone Center

Recently reissued by Tone Center for 2004, this 1991 Legato Records release of MVP (The Mark Varney Project), "Centrifugal Funk", displays a warning, "Contains guitar performances of unparalleled speed, taste and virtuosity. Not for the faint of heart!" The lead guitar performances spoken about in such glowing terms are turned in by none other than Brett Garsed (lead guitar), Shawn Lane (lead guitar) and Frank Gambale (lead guitar).....

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Jesse Cook - Vertigo (1998)

Format: flac + cue + log
Genre: New Age
Release Date: 1998
Label: Narada

Review by Jonathan Widran, AMG 4 Stars

Mixing pop hooks, rock edges, and exotic Middle Eastern flavors with his zesty acoustic flamenco guitar, Jesse Cook has no such trouble discovering his own sense of adventure on his third album Vertigo. Cook indeed inspires a happy dizziness daring his listener to keep up with his global jaunts and unique, Tabasco-hot texturing of Art Avalos' percussion toys (what are djembes and guiro?) over solid rhythm guitar foundations, along with a keen ability to pluck out catchy melodies and improvisations......

Casiopea - Eyes of the Mind (1981/2001) [Jap Mini-LP Ltd Edn 1st Press DSD Master]

Format: flac + cue + log
Genre: J-Fusion
Release Date: 1981
Label: Alfa

If you have never heard Casiopea, you should. Especially if you are a jazz/fusion band. Casiopea is quite simply the tightest, most melodic jazz fusion band I have heard. If you like the original Yellowjackets album, you will love Casiopea.

Although this album is nearly thirty years old, it is probably one of the best the band's ever done. For those of you who are recording afficionados, the album was originally done on a 32 track digital recorder, which was unheard of in those days. Most bands are in the studio six months to a year making an album; Casiopea typically records an ENTIRE album in the studio over a two to six week period....

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Caldera - Caldera (1976) [2004]

Format: flac + cue + log
Genre: Jazz-Funk, Fusion
Release Date: 1976
Label: EMI Digital Remaster

Gordian Knot - Gordian Knot (1999)

Format: flac + cue + log
Genre: Progressive Rock, Metal, Instrumental
Release Date: 1999
Label: Sensory

AMG Review
Star-studded projects often add up to very little, but Gordian Knot's eponymous debut turns out to be one of the best progressive rock albums released in the last years of the second millennium. And that's thanks to the fact that Sean Malone held on to the reins, guiding the project to its goal of finely crafted guitar-driven instrumental songs. Malone has a prog metal background, so do most of his guests (Cynic drummer Sean Reinert, King Crimson guitarist Trey Gunn, Dream Theater bassist John Myung, along with Ron Jarzombek and Glenn Snelwar).....

Pedro Soler & Renaud Garcia-Fons - Suite Andalouse (1994)

Format: flac + cue + log
Genre: Flamenco, World Music
Release Date: 1994
Label: Al Sur

"One of the finest duos in the world" (Guitar review, New York)

The European press has repeatedly hailed Renaud Garcнa-Fons as being, “the Paganini of the double bass”.
The Franco-Spanish bassist performs on a custom built, five-string contrabasse (tuned E,A,D,G,C), which gives him a sweeping range, even superceding the high notes of the cello and his playing register can ascend even as high as the violin. Especially during his frequent solo sojourns, you’ll often find yourself exclaiming, “I can’t believe that’s a double bass!”....