Monday, 26 April 2010

Samir Joubran - Tamaas (2003)

Genre: World Ethnic / Oud
Format: flac + cue + log
Released: 2003
Label: D'aqui France

The oud is a melancholy instrument; it seems to have loss and longing built into its very strings. These resonant songs build on that melancholy, but they offer more than that, too: in his symbiotic relationship with fellow oud player (and brother) Wissam, Samir Joubran finds companionship and perhaps redemption as well. Though they're stunning musicians, the Joubrans never overwhelm you with
technique. Tamaas builds on feeling, speaking to the thoughtful, sad and hopeful in each listener.

Enchanting music
This is a highly recommended record for anyone interested in quality instrumental music that reflects thought, philosophy and craftsmanship. I really enjoyed listening to this CD over and over again, it's very soothing when I feel like reading a book with the music in the background, yet it's highly intellectual when I'm in the mood for carefully examining the music and analyzing it. I actually recently saw Samir Joubran perform in Ramallah, Palestine along with his two brothers. They performed their new CD (that hasn't come out yet as of 1/18/05), Randane, which is a conversational improvisation between three Ouds. I have to say that I'm very eager for the release of Randane, because I tremendously enjoyed listening to it live in Ramallah, and I highly recommend it shall it become available on Amazon....

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