Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Oliver Shanti (aka Oliver Serano - Alve) - Vida Para Vida 1992

Genre: New Age, Ethnic
Format: ape + cue + log
Released: 1992
Label: Sattva

Again, an amazing album, which has musical influences from around the world.
Flamenco guitar, North African percussion, Eastern European gypsy rhythms, Balkan folk, Asian music and jazz impressions, all that is involved in a captivating musical fairy touching the mind and heart.

The disc, recorded by Master in 1992, completes the initial period of creativity and is the latest, released under the name Oliver Serano-Alva.
The core community of musicians who participated in the record to remain the master himself, Margot Vogl, who bear the main vocals, in addition to guitars, violins and flutes, and Whyte Wayman - keyboardist and drummer. Greatly expanded range of attracted to the recording of ethnic instruments. Here and in the Chinese erhu fiddle, the Portuguese fado guitar, gu-Zeng, charango, Brazilian kavahino, darbuka drums and many others, whose participation in sounding music define only professional ear, but it is the existence of these tools creates a truly magical warm and lively atmosphere and a unique polyphony of the album.....

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