Sunday, 18 April 2010

Alex Bershadsky - Junk 2006

Genre: Jazz, Jazz-Funk, Acid Jazz
Format: flac + cue + log
Released: 2006
Label: My Records

"Israeli Fret-less Bass phenom, Alex Bershadsky, is sure to secure himself a
slot in the minds of bass lovers and players everywhere. Having toured
festivals around the world as a member of the Israeli fusion band "Zonzee"
(and representing Israeli jazz at the Blue Note, NY at the request of the
Ministry of Foreign Affairs), those "in the know" have already known Alex to
be an accomplished player, lyrical soloist and sure footed technician. His first
solo release, "Junk" has proven Alex to also be a wonderful writer.

While this album will take us down many roads stylistically, Alex's voice on the
instrument (4 string fret-less Zon Legacy Elite) is strong and comes across
beautifully in every setting. From the beautiful and haunting melodies of
"Drift" to the hard driving and uber-funky "That's the Way It Is" or the Willis
inspired "Rush Hour", this album will surely have you checking his website for
scheduling to see when he's coming to town. This band Smokes."

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