Sunday, 7 February 2010

Casiopea vs The Square - Live 2004

Genre: Jazz, Fusion, jazz - rock
Format: Flac + cue + log
Released: 2004
Label: Sony Music

01. Omens of Love
02. Looking Up
03. Kapiolani
04. Justice
05. Once in a Blue Moon
06. Midnight Circle
07. Yuh-Ja
08. Mid Manhattan
09. Eccentric Games
10. Nab That Chap!!
11. Japanese Soul Brothers
12. Fightman
13. Truth
14. Asayake

The first disc of the double disc set starts with both groups performing together for the two opening tracks. Then The Square takes center stage for seven tracks, and give up the stage to Casiopea for eight tracks. On the second disc members from each group square off against one another. Guitar, Keyboard, Drum, and Bass battles encompass the first ten tracks. The last two tracks of the disc has the groups reuniting for two encore tracks.

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