Saturday, 30 January 2010

Bass Extremes - Cookbook (1998)

Genre: Jazz
Format: Flac + cue + log
Released: November 24, 1998
Label: AGAT

Bass Extremes: Just Add Water reunites bassists Steve Bailey and Victor Wooten with special guests John Patitucci, Anthony Jackson, Billy Sheehan, and Oteil Burbridge. There are no “multiple tracks” from any one on this recording. Wooten and Bailey each played one track of bass on each song (when listening in stereo, Wooten is panned left, and Bailey is panned right). All special guest bass guitarists are panned center, and each guest contributed one track of bass on their respective track, for maximum low end listenability. Bass Extremes: Just Add Water once again brings together the top eschelon of bassists in the world to create an incredible display of musicality and phenomenal bass chops.

Bass Extremes: Victor Wooten And Steve Bailey With Greg Bissonette


Thursday, 28 January 2010

Brian May - Back To The Light 1992

Format: ape + cue + log
Released: 1992
Label: Parlophone Records

Back to the Light is the first solo effort of Queen's guitarist Brian May. It was recorded between 1988 and 1992 at the Allerton Hill Studios, mixed at the Metropolis Studios and then released on September 28, 1992 in the UK. The album would be released in the United States and Canada on February 2, 1993 with a different cover.

The album contains the hits "Too Much Love Will Kill You" and "Driven By You."

An alternate version of "Too Much Love Will Kill You" was also recorded by Queen and can be found on their Made in Heaven album (1995). Brian May also recorded an instrumental guitar version of the song.

An alternate "explicit" version of "Love Token" was recorded with lyrics which may have been deemed offensive by the record label. The lyric "shit for brains" was replaced by "meat for brains," while the lyrics "well fuck you" were replaced by "that's a shame." The original "explicit" version was never officially released except on a free CD packaged with RCD Magazine, Vol. 4....

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Dhafer Youssef - Divine Shadows (2006)

Genre: Jazz, Arabic, Sufi, World music
Format: Flac + cue + log
Released: 2006
Label: Emarcy Import

"... the Tunisian vocalist and oud virtuoso juxtaposes the ancient, mystical, hypnotic music of Islamic Sufism with the textures of electric jazz." TIME OUT
Divine Shadows - review

Divine Shadows sees the culmination of Dhafer Youssef's musical journey over the past five years. This, Dhafer's fourth album, consolidates ideas that have emerged through his three albums on Enja Records whilst introducing a new dynamic.
Since his arrival in Europe in 1990, Tunisian vocalist and oud player Dhafer Youssef, has established himself as one of the most exciting artists working in contemporary music. Bringing together the spiritual quality of Sufi with the most cutting edge sound of European jazz, has created a distinctive sound synonymous with his name....

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Phil Thornton & Hossam Ramzy - Eternal Egypt 1996

Genre: New Age, Arabic, New World Music
Format: ape + cue + log
Released: 1996
Label: New World Music
Phil Thornton and Hossam Ramzy comprise a multi-cultural duo from Britain and Egypt respectively. Together they marry modern hi-tech sounds from the West with traditional Egyptianmelodies, instruments, and rhythms.
ETERNAL EGYPT is a curious blend of both the old and the new. Specifically, Thornton and Ramzy use keyboards, various electronic media, and ancient Egyptian instruments to bring to life such styles asZaar, Masmoudi, and Fallahi....

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Renaud Garcia-Fons - Oriental Bass 1997

Genre: Jazz/Contemporary Jazz
Format: Flac + cue + log
Released: 1997
Label: Enja
Playing a five-string acoustic bass, Renaud Garcia-Fons offers a type of global music that owes some of its potency and stylistic flexibility to jazz improvisation. But Garcia-Fons writes in the short liner note to Oriental Bass that his dream of a bass "half Gypsy and half Mauretanian" takes the instrument through Andalusia and the Mediterranean. His compositions travel the same routes, drawing in trombone, flutes, accordion, flamenco guitar, tablas, lute, derbouka, daf, and more. The mix of hand percussion from Eastern Europe and North Africa with flamenco flairs makes Garcia-Fons's music dizzying. This is very springy music, bouncing and bounding with choruses of horns pulsing powerfully. Few composers can balance, much less thrive in, the panoply of national styles that Garcia-Fons draws in with Oriental Bass....

Friday, 22 January 2010

Kadola - Kadola (2003)

Genre: Ethno-Jazz
Format: Flac + cue + log
Released: 2003
Label: Eshel Studios

About kadola
Kadola - An Israeli Ethno-Jazz Ensemble with a wonderful first album, which includes 9 original segments and standard ones, integrating western music of jazz and blues, together with eastern motifs which exist in the Israeli roots. Using ethnic instruments - bouzouki, accordion and darbuka - provides the melodies a folk-ethnic color, and leads the songs to new surprising associations. Prominent combinations between the styles can be heard in some segments: Kadola (original): based on a traditional Moroccan rhythm and on a western melody. Ei vadaut (original): the composition is influenced by scales and Greek-Balkan rhythms, using instruments which characterize the style. Dance of fire: was originally written and performed by Aziza Mustafa Zadeh- an Azerbaijan pianist and a singer, who lives in Europe. My favorite things: a famous standard whose theme is conveyed by the bouzouki tone. The ensemble, which exists 3 years, is comprised of five senior, talented musicians, graduate of Rimon School for music and of Levinski College. The members of the ensemble have already performed all over the country (Israel), are teaching music in various schools, and are composing and adapting music for youth displays. Some of them have also performed with well known singers and actors in Israel. First album was released in februar 2004, compositions was often used in radio shows....

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Terry Bozzio - Chamber Works 2005

Format: Flac + cue + log
Released: 2005
Label: par

Terry Bozzio's new Favored Nations CD, Chamber Works, recorded with Holland's classical Metropole Orkest, might seem unexpected to those only familiar with the drummer's greatest "hits." That's because Bozzio - one of the foremost rock and jazz/fusion drumming virtuosos over the past 30 years - has developed such a reputation by being a scene-stealing legend with guitar gods Frank Zappa and Jeff Beck, plus supergroups the Brecker Brothers, UK and chart topping Missing Persons.
On Chamber Works, Bozzio plays through five lengthy movements and a closing opus with every bit as much speed, flair and ambidexterity as he did with any of his preceding ensembles. The opening "Temenos" features his drum and cymbal accents in unison with serpentining lines by the strings and wind instruments.....

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Andrea Parodi, Al Di Meola - Midnight Night In Sardinia Armentos (2005)

Genre: Jazz,Ethnic/Jazz
Format: Flac + cue + log
Released: 2005
Label: Mint

Thursday, 14 January 2010

VA - The Magic of Rhodopa Mountain 1999

Genre: Ethnic, Music Of The World
Format: Flac + cue + log
Released: 1999
Label: Balkanton

01. Bagpiper’s melodies (Perf. by Orchestra - 100 Kaba-Bagpipes)
02. Devoiko, muri houbava (Mladen Koinarov)
03. Sbogom, sus zdrave, Stara Planino (Dafo Trendafilov, bagpipe)
04. Bela sum, bela yunache (Radka koushleva)
05. Glyoday ma, Glyoday (Fanka koinarova)
06. Podzim sum, male, legnala (Boika Prissadova)
07. Kalino, kadum, Kalino (Kroum Yankov)
08. Stani mi, maichou, otkachi (Nadezhda Hvoineva)
09. Da znaesh, maicho, da znaesh (Koushlev sisters)
10. Roufinka bolna legnala (Georgi Chilingirov)
11. Goritse, temna, zelena (Georgiev sisters)
12. Planino, Stara planino (Hristina Lyutova)
13. Tornala mi e Dilmana (Roumen Rodopsky)
14. Izlel e Delyu haidoutin (Valya Balkanska)
15. Bela sum, Bela, yunache (Perf. by Orchestra - 100 Kaba-Bagpipes)

15 songs.Incl. The cosmic hit "Izlel e Delyu Haidoutin", still flying in deep space on VOYAGER
U.S. space station...

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Akira Jimbo - Flower 1996

Genre: Jazz, Fusion
Format: ape + cue + log
Released: 1996
Label: Countdown

This CD is pretty cool! It is nothing like the Casiopea stuff, or anything like his videos. This CD has akira playing a more laid back style. If you want to here ferocious solos(as if he has anything to prove), don't get this. If you want to here a nice pocket that feels good, I totally reccomend this

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Rain Fell Within - Refuge 2002

Genre:Gothic Meta
Format: ape + cue + log
Released: 2002
Label: Dark Symphonies Dark 16

Rain Fell Within took me by surprise with the quality of "Believe", their debut. "Refuge" is the follow-up, the second and last CD from this superlative and original band. Shortly after recording was completed the band broke up. So RFW are no more, and the members have scattered to a half-dozen other projects, and we are left with only this last recording. Fortunately, it’s an amazing CD.

For the uninitiated, Rain Fell Within play a gothic, atmospheric style of metal with rich keyboard and guitar harmonies mixed with the lush operatic vocals of front-babe Dawn Desiree. This has a lot in common with goth-doom bands like After Forever or even Tristania, but without the death-growls. Rain Fell Within are more melancholy and doomy than other bands in the same vein, and more classically inflected as far as arrangements and vocal melodies. The whole is a beautiful and arresting sound that is much more distinctive than you would expect. This is not tremendously heavy, or what would be called ‘crunchy’, but this is superlative metal nonetheless. There is a great deal of variety in the songwriting, with acoustic parts sequeing into more metallic passages and the keyboards adding to the melancholy atmosphere....

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Ayo - Gravity at last 2008

Genre:RnB, Neo Soul, Pop-Rock
Format: Flac + cue + log
Released: 2008
Label: Polydor

There are lives that are lived like fairytales. With the release of her debut
album Joyful in 2006, Ayo revealed she has a pretty unique destiny. Born from
a Gypsy mother who passed on a passion for travelling and meeting people,
and a Nigerian father who raised her, and from whom she inherited her love
for music, it was inevitable Ayo would one day become an artist. At 19, she
moved to London in her quest for the same, but it was only when she moved
on to Paris that Ayo realised her dream and signed to her label, Polydor
With her captivating, magnetic voice, she has since stolen the hearts of her
audience, initiated by the success of her debut smash single, ‘Down On My
Knees’, that saw Joyful rise to the top of the album chart. Close to 500,000
copies of the album were sold in France alone (over 750,000 worldwide) and
the album spent more than 30 weeks in the Top 20....

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Rodrigo y Gabriela - 11 11 2009

Genre: World Music, Flamenco, Acoustic, Folk rock, Latin rock
Format: Flac + cue + log
Released: 2009

11:11 is Dublin-based Mexican guitar-playing duo Rodrigo y Gabriela's follow-up to their self-titled 2006 debut album. They're the definition of a word of mouth success story; that debut kept them on the road for two and a half years whilst shifting over 600,000 copies worldwide and giving their live performances semi-legendary status. There was even the inevitable live album to boot.

Their success is hardly surprising as their entirely acoustic sound is a ravishingly broad blend of influences. The debt which Rodrigo and Gabriela seem to feel they owe them is the life force of this release. 11:11's title track is a blend of 11 pieces paying tribute to 11 artists dedicated to Pink Floyd and mixed, along with the rest of the tracks, by Colin Richardson, best known for his work with Slipknot and Trivium....

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Tetsuo Sakurai - Gentle Hearts Tour 2004

Genre: Jazz,Bass virtuoso
Format: Flac + cue + log
Released: 2004
Label: EMI

In 2001, Japanese bassist Tetsuo Sakurai released an awesome hard-hitting fusion album called "Gentle Hearts." This great album featured Greg Howe on guitar and Dennis Chambers on drums. The trio did a tour last year with Akira Onozuka on keys, the result of which is this great live DVD "Gentle Hearts Tour 2004" (they released a CD version as well which has some, but not all, of the tunes from the DVD version). The DVD mainly consists of a show recorded live in Yokohama Japan on September 5th, 2004. Most of the songs are off the Gentle Hearts album....

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Mahavishnu Orchestra - The Inner Mounting Flame 1971 (MFSL-1991)

Genre: Jazz
Format: Flac + cue + log
Released: 1971
Label: (MFSL UDCD 744 -1991)

01. Meeting of the Spirits
02. Dawn
03. Noonward Race
04. A Lotus on Irish Streams
05. Vital Transformation
06. The Dance of Maya
07. You Know, You Know
08. Awakening

This is the album that made John McLaughlin a semi-household name, a furious, high-energy, yet rigorously conceived meeting of virtuosos that, for all intents and purposes, defined the fusion of jazz and rock a year after Miles Davis' Bitches Brew breakthrough. It also inadvertently led to the derogatory connotation of the word fusion, for it paved the way for an army of imitators, many of whose excesses and commercial panderings devalued the entire movement. Though much was made of the influence of jazz-influenced improvisation in the Mahavishnu band, it is the rock element that predominates, stemming directly from the electronic innovations of Jimi Hendrix. The improvisations, particularly McLaughlin's post-Hendrix machine-gun assaults on double-necked electric guitar and Jerry Goodman's flights on electric violin, owe more to the freakouts that had been circulating in progressive rock circles than to jazz, based as they often are on ostinatos on one chord. These still sound genuinely thrilling today on CD, as McLaughlin and Goodman battle Jan Hammer's keyboards, Rick Laird's bass, and especially Billy Cobham's hard-charging drums, whose jazz-trained technique pushed the envelope for all rock drummers. What doesn't date so well are the composed medium- and high-velocity unison passages that are played in such tight lockstep that they can't breathe. There is also time out for quieter, reflective numbers that are drenched in studied spirituality ( "A Lotus on Irish Streams" ) or irony ( "You Know You Know" ) ; McLaughlin was to do better in that department with less-driven colleagues elsewhere in his career. Aimed with absolute precision at young rock fans, this record was wildly popular in its day, and it may have been the cause of more blown-out home amplifiers than any other record this side of Deep Purple. Review for AMG, Richard S. Ginell